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This is the first walk offered by Sydney Art Walks and Tours. 

After meeting your guide at the steps of the Art Gallery of NSW, you will receive your walk map and art work images. You will then be taken at a leisurely pace to locate and learn about the commissioning, materials, history and the artists involved with each of the public art works within the Eastern area of the Sydney CBD.

The walk will not only allow you to view the art but also takes you to some of the most picturesque sites the city offers including the Domain, Botanic Gardens, Opera House and around the historic buildings within the Sydney CBD.

Groups are small on all art walks, ensuring a personalised and professional service. Most walks will have an upper limit of just 8 walkers. You are able to talk freely with your guide and gather information about the works as well as other aspects of living in Sydney.

The level of fitness needed for the walk is quite minimal as there are few stairs to climb and with most of the walk on level paved footpaths. The walk can proceed at whatever pace the group sets so time taken will vary slightly between walks.

Cost per person : $60


It is specially designed for those that have no-one to walk with.  Your tour guide will take you as this is an individually tailored walk.  Being slightly shorter it also is a good walk for those that have limited time.  Also it is all on the "flat" so it is an easier walk.  You still get to visit a wide range of works which are all centrally located in the Sydney CBD.

This walk is also available for corporate groups.

Cost per person : $50


This is the latest of the art tours but it is not a walk as we travel further afield and the tour is conducted by car or bus.  See the public art at night gives the works a totally different feel and you relate to the works differently too.  Lighting is the primary factor with this tour.  Colours are more vivid and we also visit art that uses light as its focus.  By travelling by car/bus you are taken to a wider range of artworks and in a wider area around and within the city.

The tour takes about 2-3 hours depending on traffic and parking and is best conducted on Sunday evenings.

Cost per person : $60


This walk follows the same theme by guiding walkers to various contemporary public art works but concentrates on the western side of the Sydney CBD.  Again you visit over 40 works which are very different than those on the other walks.

This walk also is ran in conjunction with the Sydney East Art Walk providing you with a completed viewing of the best public art Sydney has to offer.

Again not only do you see great artworks but you are taken to unique parts of the city with stunning views of the Harbour Bridge, The Rocks and Walsh Bay

Cost per person : $60

Still time for Coffee and a chat
Most walks take between 2 and 4 hours depending on the actual walk. They are not too strenuous and anyone with even an average fitness level will easily cope with the walks. Most are on level ground with as few stairs as possible. With notice, even those in wheelchairs can enjoy participating in the tours and learn about the public works. Your guide will explain the works and provide information about the artists as well as give you time to relax over a coffee, juice, drink or snack while we discuss the works.

Convenient times
Art Walks can be conducted at a time and date that suits you. With a minimum of two, you can arrange a time and date that fits into your busy schedule as long as your tour guide is available. Currently, the best times for a Sydney Art Walk are Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons or some Fridays either morning or afternoon.

For discrete groups of 6-8 walkers, times are very flexible !


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