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Gordon has a very extensive knowledge of the commercial galleries in Sydney and can tailor a Gallery Tour to suit your art tastes.  It allows you to easily access a range of galleries in a convenient way so you get more time with your art and less time driving from location to location.

Each gallery will have a different exhibition offering a wide selection of art to view.

These tours can operate during the week or weekend depending on the schedule and can operate from numbers ranging from 2 - 12 people.  For numbers less than 4 people, hotel pickup can be arranged.

Larger groups will depart from the steps of the Art Gallery of NSW at 9.30 am and returning around 12.30 pm.

Discuss with others, the works you have viewed.

Each tour will also take you to different galleries.

Your tour guide is also able to assist you with information and help with any art purchases

Cost per person : $60


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